Widows in the Song Dynasty are easy to marry

Dan Mei accompanied him for a while and then went back to his room. I also went to bed early in the evening.

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Dan Mei accompanied him for a while and then went back to his room. I also went to bed early in the evening. When Xu Jinrong came back, it was already the middle of the night. After Xu Jinrong came back, he came back late every day. Danmei didn't know what he was doing outside. At this time, she was in a low mood. Naturally, she was too lazy to ask. She just waited for him to take off his clothes and go to bed. She said casually, "Are you back?" Xu Jinrong borrowed a candle to look at her expression, then asked a few words about her return to her mother's home today, Danmei remembered that he had carefully prepared a gift for himself, giving people a cold face seems to be unreasonable, then forced up the spirit to answer a few words, and said thank you. Xu Jinrong murmured, "Just now I saw some boxes piled up outside. My mother told you to move back tomorrow." Dan Mei answered sullenly and closed her eyes. After a while, I heard him say, "Go back.". You can't live around for long. Dan Mei listened to his words, said some mindless, opened his eyes just want to ask what the meaning, but saw that he was already staying to blow the lamp. It suddenly occurred to me that Qin Shi mentioned today that he was expected to release something. Could it be that it had come true? To be asked, when he came up, he hugged himself into his arms, stretched his legs to press her legs, and said, "Go to sleep." After a moment, he listened to his breathing evenly, thinking that he had really fallen asleep. He had to press down his doubts, move his heavy legs gently down his body,plastic pallet containers, and slowly fell asleep. On the second day, steward Xu brought someone over and loaded the box cage into the carriage. When everything was ready, Danmei took Huijie to say goodbye to the old lady. The old lady's face was full of joy, and when she had finished telling her to get up, she held back the people around her and told Huijie to go out, too. Then she grabbed Danmei's hand and said with a smile, "Daughter-in-law, if you get up early and vomit or something, you must let me know immediately.". I'm here waiting for your good news. Dan Mei was stupefied,collapsible pallet box, knew the meaning of her words, a little embarrassed for a moment, can only nod yes. I thought it was all right, but then she said, "Daughter-in-law, my son loves you so much now, and I am happy to be a mother-in-law.". Only one thing, I am now taking you as one of my own, which is to say directly. His man's energy comes, but we women have to persuade him not to follow his temper. There are not many maids here, and if they have something to say, they only come to me, but it's nothing. It's not good to go back to the big house and follow him like this. If it's spread secretly by the servants, it's not good for you to be the mother of the house. Danmei didn't understand what the old lady said at first, but when she thought about it carefully, she suddenly remembered that he had carried her back to the house after finishing her work in the study the night before, but behind the porch she ran into a woman who usually looked there. Could it be that the woman had peeped through the good things of the two of them and knew that the old lady was expecting her to be pregnant, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet price, so she came to him and tried to please her? A moment of chagrin and shame, just want to bite a few hard that man to vent his anger, bow his head and can not say a word. When the old lady saw her like this, she laughed and said, "You two new husband and wife have been separated for half a year before you get together. It's nothing. I just told you that you're going to live back. Remind me to be careful in the future." Dan Mei hurriedly answered, where dare to look up at the old lady, hurriedly said goodbye, then went straight to the carriage back to Beijing. All kinds of people in the mansion knew that the mother was going back today, and even the three concubines in the west courtyard naturally went to the front of the screen wall behind the gate early to wait. As soon as Danmei had settled down in the house, the three of them came to pay their respects. Dan Mei has never wanted to live in this big house, one of the most important factors is to bury her head in the sand as an ostrich's psychology in trouble, always feel that she and her three such a group of harmony together is very strange. Since it can not be changed, then far apart for a quiet good. So I didn't want to see him, but on second thought, as soon as I came back, I kept the three concubines who were respectful and unoffensive to my mother out of the door. I was afraid they would be said behind my back. Remembering that Xu Jinrong had mentioned the rules in front of me before, I called him in. Not seen for half a year in a flash, Zhou Shi is still the original silent appearance, slightly wooden, Zhao Zong pity words are not much, after asking Ann, he lowered his head slightly as usual, can not see how she looks in the end. Or that spring Niang is talking ceaselessly, the eye is to hide also cannot hide jealous color. Dan Mei knew that she must have been sleeping in the garden outside the city these days after Xu Jinrong came back. She just didn't see him. She said a few words in a formulaic way and then called him down to rest. Madam Chou took a few steps, then suddenly looked back at Danmei. Then she came back and said, "Madam, in three days' time it will be the anniversary of the death of the lady who passed away. In the past, when the lady was in the future, she was entrusted by the Third Master, and every year she was managed by my concubine.". Now that the lady has come, naturally there is nothing to do with the concubine. I was afraid that my wife would be too busy and negligent for a while, so I dared to say a few more words. Dan Mei was awakened by Zhou's words. It is reasonable to say that such a thing should be done by her stepwife now. Just think of that Xu Jinrong did not say anything, she has no experience in these, took over if a careless, may also be accused of disrespect for the dead, it is better to continue to let Zhou Shi take, when the time comes to worship down clean. After thinking it over, he said to Madam Chou, "I have great respect for Sister Chou in front of me. Naturally, such a big day should be handled well.". Auntie Zhou has always been a steady, and sister Zhou is close, it is better to follow the usual rules, Auntie Zhou himself to buy it, what you need to find Xu housekeeper is. When Zhou Shi heard her say this, she seemed a little surprised, and soon pulled out a smile. She bowed respectfully to Danmei and thanked her. Then she retreated and passed by Chunniang and Zhao Zonglian, who were still listening to her at the door, without even slanting her eyes. Chun Niang's face seemed to show a trace of unhappiness, but Zhao Zonglian immediately bowed his head and left with Zhou Shi. In the evening, Xu Jinrong came back earlier, probably leaving behind the time when the fast horse came back on the road a few days ago. As soon as Danmei saw his figure, she remembered the women in the west courtyard who had just met in the daytime, and her heart was somewhat blocked. On second thought, when those people saw themselves, their hearts might be even more blocked than hers. He laughed at himself to himself. When he went to wash,plastic bulk containers, he sat there holding his cheek and staring at the candle for a moment. Hearing the sound of footsteps outside the door, knowing that he was back, he grabbed a book on the table and pretended to look through it. binpallet.com