She is the king of the demon world.

At first, Zi Mei was frightened by the speed of the wind. Several times she wanted to tell Yi not to worry, stop and walk slowly.

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At first, Zi Mei was frightened by the speed of the wind. Several times she wanted to tell Yi not to worry, stop and walk slowly. But then she thought again. She thought Yi might have done something to make her happy, so she was so anxious. It was such a thought that she did not have the idea of calling Yi a little slower. With a sweet smile, she was so angry and funny that she ran wildly by holding her hand. And about the matter of white cherry, also because of the sudden appearance of Yi, and temporarily by purple Mei from the heart, put down. Ha ha, just now I read Xiao Fan's anti-fleeing Wei Xiaobao and thought it looked good. I don't know why the chapter came out like this. Ha ha ha, um.. I'm tired.. Go to bed. Chapter 20, peace before the storm. Put down the heart of the big stone, this does not mean that purple Mei will sit and wait for abuse, on the contrary, purple Mei secretly arranged things are in full swing. First of all, she ordered Feng Yanying to remove all the elders who disobeyed her in secret, but this did not damage her position as a demon king, because Feng Yanying and Zimei did it in a very secret way. Those elders who were removed, before this, were still together, but, in silence, they were removed by the wind and wild goose shadow, which should be said to be the high means of the wind and wild goose shadow, or should be said to be the ignorance of those elders? Is it foolish to think that one's own strength is strong enough, but it is impossible for others to get rid of them? No one knows the answer, but it is really feared by the demons and demons in the demon world. Although they can guess the people who act behind them, they can't show that they know, because the elders who have been removed are the best examples of them. In order not to do this, they pretend to be deaf and dumb, pretending that they don't know anything. But they never thought that someone could break the elders of their previous generations in silence, like Zimei and Fengyan Ying. It's too terrible for them. Therefore, even though they are not easy to deal with, but. When they are facing the purple beauty and the wind and the wild goose shadow, they flinch. With this fear, the disloyal elders did not dare to take any action for the time being, and the demon world also got a brief calm. But after all, temporary calm is not equal to eternal calm, for the coming storm, purple Mei can be said to have done a lot of things, although she is not nervous about the demon world, but for her former demon mother, how she said to protect the demon world for the black mind. Think of their mother black read, purple Mei and can not help but think of the night paint. I do not know He How are you doing? Purple Mei looked up at the moon outside the window and thought. Sometimes, Zi Mei will unconsciously think of the friend who was her childhood sweetheart. Or an escort. The man called night lacquer, but recently it is obviously less, plastic pallet crates ,ibc spill pallet, not because the night lacquer is not important to her, but recently she has been branded by Yan Yi this Lala, right walk, walk around in the Demon Palace, so that even if she wants to happen the battle of the Demon King, let alone a small night lacquer? In this way, Zi Mei has no time to think about him! Purple Mei lazily and slowly approached the imperial concubine chair where she used to lie by the window. She lay down on the imperial concubine chair as soft as a bone. With a gentle sigh, she was lost in thought again. Battle of the Demon King, Battle of the Demon King.. The war that will take place between her and Sakura. The war that implicates the whole demon world. Shaking God, purple Mei impressively found that the recent battle of the devil this information, really occupied her thoughts too much, and long-term thinking about this is also full of nerve-racking. So after thinking about it, Zi Mei came down from the soft imperial chair and walked lazily out of the book pavilion she had just been in. After leaving the book pavilion, the way she chose was not the one she usually chose-the direction to Yan Yiyi's room, but today Zi Mei chose.. Walking in the direction of the room where Mo Yao Xuan, who she called Ice Cube, lived. By the way, Shuishui, I'm going to do a survey first. Who do you like better in Yihe Xuan? And the female role, Mei, Ying and Ying, who do you like better? Leave a message and tell me ^ ^ In addition, anyone who considers himself a night owl and has the patience to accompany me to write in the middle of the night (of course, I will be a little faster) will join the cat group 939574 6.. Xiaoshui, I will wait for you ^ ^ Chapter 21 Bitter Tears of Love "What are you doing here?" Purple Mei had not yet entered the cold pavilion where Mo Yao Xuan lived when she heard this cold sentence. "No good gas, purple Mei helplessly against the speaker-Mo Yao Xuan a big white eyes." You seem to have made a mistake, Mr. Mo, Mr. Mo. This is my Demon Palace. I can go to all the places in this palace. Since so many, why can't I come to the Cold Pavilion? "But.." But You didn't come here before. Why did you suddenly come here today? Mo Yaoxuan was very confused. Because Because This time, purple Mei can't say a word to refute Mo Yao Xuan, she can only go on like this because of the lack of words. Uh? What's going on? What's your explanation? Mo Yaoxuan raised his eyebrows and asked. Joke, whole demon king palace is my place, do I go there to want you to approve? You are willing to do so, but I am not willing to do so. What's the matter? Do you really want me to do this? There was a rare element of banter in his tone, which made Zimei feel extremely uncomfortable. Perhaps originally Zi Mei wanted to come to the Cold Pavilion to chat with Mo Yao Xuan, but, according to this situation, even if Zi Mei did not come forward to beat Mo Yao Xuan, it was already worth laughing, let alone talking to him. With the anger provoked by Mo Yao Xuan, Zi Mei decided to turn around and leave, just in time to take the first step, her white hand was caught by Mo Yao Xuan, turned her head, she took a look at him, motioned him to let go of her hand, let her go, but did not know whether he suspected that he could not understand her hint, or he really did not want to let go of Zi Mei's hand,collapsible pallet box, but he did not move. To make purple Mei go is not, do not go is not, can only stand in place.

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