Male God Tries Marriage for 365 Days: Gold Medal Wife Is a Little Wild

"Boss, the reason has been found out, I'm afraid it's difficult to deal with this matter!" Soon, Jin Chenye's assistant turned back and said respectfully.

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"Boss, the reason has been found out, I'm afraid it's difficult to deal with this matter!" Soon, Jin Chenye's assistant turned back and said respectfully. Fortitude face, with a trace of elite spirit, standing in front of Jin Chenye, is not as submissive as the general assistant, but is sincerely convinced. Talk to me in my office. Jin Chenye raised his head, took a deep look at the taxi across the street, then raised his eyes and turned back into the elevator. It was not until his figure disappeared that Qin Youxuan gracefully opened the door and got out of the car. Reach out to take out sunglasses from the bag, put on, cover most of the pretty face, carry the bag, leisurely walk to the office building of Qin's enterprise. Without asking, she knew that her father could now hold an emergency meeting to try to recover the damage. By the time she just got off the bus, Qin's stock had fallen past the biggest drop during the financial crisis. If it goes on like this, it will surely cause panic among shareholders, and even Qin's major shareholders will begin to be accountable. Have to say, Shan Hanjie is really a ruthless hand, pick the weakest link of Qin's enterprise. The main business of Qin's enterprise is manufacturing, mainly acting as an agent for various electrical parts, then assembling,ball valve manufacturer, as a middleman, and transferring to major companies. One of the largest partners is Yongsheng Technology's major electrical companies. In this incident, the subsidiary company of Yongsheng Science and Technology, taking the unqualified parts received during this period as the trigger point, directly and unilaterally tore up the cooperation contract with Qin's enterprise. The goodwill of the enterprise is often the vitality, such a scandal, even let Qin's breathing opportunities are not directly pushed to the edge by the media's comments. Even the industrial and commercial Bureau has begun to intervene in the investigation. Ding- " The elevator is here. Qin Youxuan reached out and pulled her long hair and walked out of the elevator with her bag. Miss Qin. The receptionist saw Qin Youxuan and greeted him politely. Some time ago, the media reported so ruthlessly that even the employees who had not seen Qin Youxuan knew that this was the eldest lady of the Qin family,stainless steel needle valve, and that she was still the heir of reputation. Even if not favored, but now the case in the hands of the illegitimate son, everyone has been optimistic about the prince, and become not very clear, for a while, Qin's enterprise employees to Qin Youxuan's attitude, also become flattering. Where is the conference room of the Public Relations Department? Qin Youxuan blinked her beautiful eyes, paced gracefully to the front of the reception desk, looked around, fixed her eyes on the receptionist's face, reached out to take off her sunglasses and put them in her bag. At the very end of this floor, there is a press conference going on inside. As soon as the receptionist thought about it, she answered her question quickly. Miss Qin, according to this time, I'm afraid the press conference will be over soon, needle valve manufacturer ,pipe fittings manufacturer, if you are seen now, I'm afraid it's not easy to get away, otherwise.. "Thank you. I know what you mean. I was just worried about my father, so I came to see him. He happened to be in a meeting, so I didn't go up." Qin Youxuan interrupted the receptionist with a smile, stood up straight and turned gracefully. He put on his sunglasses again, but slowed down his pace more than twice, counting the beats and walking in the direction of the elevator. One, two, three.. "Eyah-" The door of the conference room was pulled open from the inside, and a group of media, after getting satisfactory news topics, contentedly packed up their tools and prepared to leave. Chapter 97 it's none of your business. "It's Miss Qin!"! Qin Youxuan! A sharp-eyed reporter saw Qin Youxuan standing outside the elevator and suddenly shouted out. As soon as his voice came out, the reporters, who had just hung their heads, immediately smelled a huge headline, instantly hit the chicken blood, raised the microphone in their hands, and rushed in the direction of the elevator. Miss Qin, how do you feel about Qin's accident? "I heard that the person in charge of the contract this time is an illegitimate child who has just returned to China. Can you respond?" "Miss Qin, you will appear here, is not the illegitimate child incompetent, so come to the rescue?"? Does General Manager Qin know? "Before the family property dispute, has not come to a conclusion, as Qin's real successor, Qin out of such a thing, what will Miss Qin do next?" “……” One question after another hit Qin Youxuan. Rao is used to being surrounded by the media, and Qin Youxuan can't stand it. The feeling of being submerged in the crowd really makes people suffocate, and I don't know how Jin Chenye did it without changing his face. Qin Youxuan's eyes darkened and he clenched his fist. Dear friends from the media, the questions that need to be answered have been explained very clearly in the conference room just now. Please don't do this and give Qin a space.. As soon as the experience of the public relations department saw that the media, which had finally been appeased, began to surround them crazily, they could not help but change their faces. I know I can't press it down, but I have to bite the bullet. A group of reporters, who paid no attention to his words, raised the microphone to Qin Youxuan one after another, wishing to pry open her mouth. I just came to see my dad. Qin Youxuan's clear voice sounded with a hint of nifty ease. ……” Hearing Qin Youxuan's voice, the surroundings quieted down for a moment. Qin Youxuan imitated the cold ice face of Shan Hanjie, gracefully took off his sunglasses, a pair of bright cats, and swept around the reporters one by one, smiling slightly. I just came to see my father, and I'm sure someone will handle it well. Qin Youxuan was originally beautiful, delicate facial features are very charming, partial to her big wave of curly hair and outline a trace of a woman's small charm, complex impression is very attractive. Especially a pair of untamed cat eyes, with a kind of elusive, but can not help but be attracted to the mystery. At close range,tube fitting manufacturer, the skin that can be broken by blowing is better than those female stars with heavy makeup. I don't know how many times. The charming appearance makes the hearts of many male reporters soft. Miss Qin, do you mean you're not going to get involved in this matter? "As the heir of Qin's enterprise, how can you explain to the shareholders who trust Qin when you stand by like this?" "Is it because of the struggle for succession that you deliberately watched Qin fall into crisis?" “……” 。