You Long Sui Yue by Er Ya

Zhao Pu raised his eyebrows and peeled the dried fruit for the fourth son to eat. Yelv Ming was also somewhat inexplicable.

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Zhao Pu raised his eyebrows and peeled the dried fruit for the fourth son to eat. Yelv Ming was also somewhat inexplicable. Seeing that Zhao Pu had no special expression, he thought secretly in his heart that he was intentional? Or don't have a plan? Zhao Pu said, "There will be five hundred people in the Kaifeng government plus the soldiers of the government office. I'll take them back as a snack later." Gongsun nodded, the heart said, this is good. Zhao Pu asked the waiter for two portions of salt and pepper cashews and pecans. He simply took Xiao Sizi over and put him on his lap and peeled him to eat. Xiao Sizi chewed his cheeks and asked Zhao Pu, "Ninety-nine, where are we going after dinner?" Zhao Pu thought for a moment and asked, "Where are you going?" The fourth son smiled and said, "I want to take a big boat." Zhao Pu thought for a moment and asked, "the big ship of Bai Yutang just now?" "Uh-huh." Xiao Sizi nodded. Zhao Pu said, "I have a bigger official ship. Would you like to take it?"? But you have to sit far away. "Go." Xiao Sizi clapped his hands. Yelv Ming was slightly surprised and asked, "Is there a place to park a big boat in Kaifeng?" Zhao Pu shrugged his shoulders, neither affirming nor denying, but asked, "By the way, do the four princes recognize General Wang?" Gongsun some surprise, Zhao Pu came straight to the point to ask. Yelv Ming nodded and said, "Naturally, is General Wang a veteran? I haven't dealt with him, but my father is familiar with him." Zhao Pu thought about it and asked, "Is it the time of Yelu Deming?"? It's your grandfather. Yelv Ming nodded, "exactly." "I heard that General Wang's sons died in battle at the hands of your Liao people." Zhao Pu said, "So it's unlikely that he colluded with you to betray the country and defect to the enemy, right?" Yelv Ming was stupefied and looked at Zhao Pu uncertainly. Zhao Pu is still feeding the little four to eat, while casually asking questions,Self-closing Shower Valve, Yelv Ming is sweating in the palm, the heart said. All right, you Zhao Pu, this question is really good. Just thinking about how to answer, the waiter first brought up part of the dish and said, "Wang Ye, you want half of the dish first. The eggs are not enough. The guys went to buy eggs." Zhao Pu smiled and nodded, and saw Xiao Sizi squinting at the yellow dishes in front of him, as if he were very interested. Gongsun brought the fourth son back and gave him food. Zhao Pu suddenly said,stainless steel squatting pan, "Alas, I don't know what's wrong with these generals and ministers. They all want to betray the country. Is it not good for the Song Dynasty?" Yelv Ming smiled and asked, "Wang Ye, isn't there a traitor in the court?" "A lot." Zhao Pu stretched out his hand to pick up the food and said, "There are at least a dozen of them. Alas, I'm worried about how to solve them. Some are partial to your Liao, some are partial to the Western Xia, and some are Tubo, Uighur and Koryo." It's everywhere. Now it's even in Dali. Why don't I just lead the troops to flatten all your foreigners and save a lot of trouble? Yelv Ming's face changed. He always knew that Zhao Pu spoke freely, but what he said was really boring. Yelv Ming was calm, but the followers behind him could not stand it. One of them sneered and said, "Wang Ye has a big tone." Zhao Pu looked up at him and said with a smile, "Oh, I'm modest." Gongsun to small four son to send hibiscus eggs in his mouth, see him eat beaming, in the heart can be some helpless, Zhao pu this person is really annoying ah, Self-closing Faucet ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, this words all let a person poke heart poke lung, but he has the ability, those Liao people also only have the share of people swallow their pride, who call them are defeated. The attendant seemed to be very unconvinced. Just as he was about to say more, Yelv Ming looked back at him and said, "Stand down." The attendant had to give up, but his face was still angry. Zhao Pu smiled and said to Yelv Ming, "Oh, Yelv, or you will betray your country." "Cough." Gongsun just wanted to eat a mouthful of food by himself, but before he could swallow it, Zhao Pu choked with a word. The fourth son stretched out his little hand to beat Gongsun's chest and said, "Dad, eat slowly." Yelv Ming was so angry that his face turned a little green. He looked up at Zhao Pu and said, "Wang Ye is joking with me." Zhao Pu shrugged his shoulders. "Anyway, if you want to be the emperor, it's basically impossible. No matter who the third brother is, he will kill you. You might as well betray your country and go over to the enemy.". ” The smile on Yelv Ming's face had stiffened and he asked with a smile, "The Nine Princes can't proclaim themselves emperor either. Why don't they betray the country?" "I'm not like you." Zhao Pu put a chopstick dish into his mouth and said, "I don't want to be an emperor. I have a headache when I hear that I am an emperor. You think so much that you are almost a demon. That's why I want to help you." Yelv Ming looked aside with some stuffiness. Was Zhao Pu deliberately angry with him? But. Zhao Pu bit the dish and said, "Your third brother, Yelv Qing, is indeed more suitable to be an emperor than you." Yelv Ming wanted to keep the smile on his face has been very difficult, Gongsun looked at Zhao Pu, he still looked indifferent, some admire, eat others also pick others do not like to hear, really good ah, how thick skin to do it. The fourth child stretched out his hand and pointed to the spicy pigeon eggs on the table and said, "I want to eat pigeon eggs." Zhao Pu and Gongsun reached out together to give him a clip, chopsticks touch chopsticks, looked at each other, Gongsun wanted to take back the chopsticks, Zhao Pu clip not to put, Gongsun horizontal Zhao Pu one eye, Zhao Pu unclear smile, that way, as if GongSun is more delicious than any dish. Yelv Ming looked at the two people in the opposite, the heart also do not know how to feel, frowning asked Zhao Pu, "Wang Ye support my third brother proclaimed himself emperor?" Zhao quickly waved his hand and said, "I'm more supportive of you." "Oh?" With a smile in his eyes, Yelv Ming asked, "Why?" Zhao Pu grinned, "because among your brothers in the Yelv family, you had better deal with it!" Yelv Ming's face was livid in an instant, and Gongsun hugged Xiao Sizi and said to himself. Don't fight for a while. And the followers behind Yelv Ming were really unable to hold up, saying one after another, "Zhao Pu, you're going too far!" Zhao Pu still smiled indifferently and said, "Oh, to tell the truth, the so-called honest advice is unpleasant to the ear, but it is good for action." Yelv Ming smiled coldly and said, "So in the eyes of the Nine Princes,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, I'm the best one to deal with. How about this? I'll compete with the Nine Princes. Today is a rare opportunity." If you beat me, I promise you one thing. If I beat you, you promise me one thing. How about that? 。

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