Special Sniper Back to the Three Kingdoms

Cao Cao coughed lightly and said in a deep voice, "Sir, just now there was a message sent back to Xiangyang.

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Cao Cao coughed lightly and said in a deep voice, "Sir, just now there was a message sent back to Xiangyang. Liu Bei and Zhang Fei have been killed by Wang can. The Han army has been routed and Wang can has occupied Xiangyang." When the voice fell, there was a whispering voice in the tent, which seemed very surprised. Cao Cao waved his hand and asked the soldiers to pass the bamboo slips to the crowd to browse. The bamboo slips clearly record what happened in Xiangyang, everything is on it. Liu Ye quickly read it and passed the bamboo slips down. He frowned and said, "The city of Xiangyang is strong. Liu Bei's strong city was taken down by Wang can. It's really incredible.". Fortunately, although Wang can took Xiangyang, also destroyed the defense of Xiangyang city, and the Shu army also suffered heavy losses, which gave the tetrarch a chance. If master and sun chien together, have a chance to hit Wang can. Liu Ye did not say to kill Wang can, just hit. It is very difficult to kill Wang can. As long as hit the power of Wang can, also can let Wang can stop for a period of time, also for Cao Cao to buy time. After reading it, Chen Qun went on to say, "Master, Qun also agrees with Ziyang that he can fight with Wang can.". However, I think the focus is not on whether to defeat Wang can, but on the food and people of Xiangyang. Liu Jingsheng is not the master of the development, but keep more than enough, under his rule of Xiangyang country rich people, we led troops to Xiangyang, can wantonly plunder hay and coerce the people, the people and hay are brought back to Yanzhou,custom cosmetic packaging, enhance the strength of Yanzhou. Cao Cao laughed and said, "Chang Wen (Chen Qun), we are not plundering the people, but promoting the army of justice to save the people who are trapped in fire and water." Hearing Cao Cao's words, everyone laughed. Sun chien led troops on their way, Xiangyang news came back. At the moment, sun chien ordered the army to stop. Sun chien led the troops to support Liu Bei, did not bring Cheng pu and Huang gai, but let two people with troops to deal with Howie, sun chien with matte,cosmetic tube packaging, Zhou Yu, sun ce and other people to Xiangyang. Sun chien after the news of Liu Bei's defeat, everyone is silent. Sun Chien smiled and said, "Liu Bei died very, very well." The people around don't understand its meaning, don't understand the idea of sun chien. Because Liu Bei was killed, there was one less person in the world to deal with Wang can, which was not a good thing. One less Liu Bei, one less ally. Sun Chien continued, "Ziyu (Zhuge Jin), the news came back that Liu Bei and Zhang Fei were killed by Wang can, but Zhuge Liang disappeared and was not caught.". It was inferred that Zhuge Liang was still alive, but left when Wang can destroyed the city. You should immediately write a letter to persuade him to submit to Wu. The king sent someone to look for Zhuge Liang. Give him your letter and ask him to come to Wu. Sun chien is not considering the gains and losses after the death of Liu Bei, but want to draw Zhuge Liang to his. When Zhuge Liang was on a diplomatic mission to the Kingdom of Wu, Sun Jian favored Zhuge Liang. Liu Bei died, sun chien had the opportunity to recruit Zhuge Liang, so immediately put forward. Zhuge Jin thought for a moment and said slowly, plastic packing tube ,pump tube, "Master, I will do it well.". But the second brother has a mind of his own, the tetrarch want to recruit the second brother, I'm afraid you have to spend some time. With a wave of his big hand, Sun Chien said heroically, "You are only responsible for writing letters, and give the rest to the king." "No!" The oldest promised to come down. Lu Su immediately said, "Master, Liu Bei is dead, and Wang can has taken Xiangyang. I'm afraid it's hard to defeat him.". Now our army has not taken Jiangxia, the west also has gan Ning this big trouble, continue to send troops is not appropriate. Therefore, Su thought to return, solve Jiangxia, and then go all out to get rid of gan Ning, in order to stabilize the great cause of Wu. Zhou Yu shook his head and said, "Zi Jing's words, but Yu didn't agree." He stood up and said in a loud voice, "Our army will go north and join hands with Cao Cao. If we can capture Xiangyang together, we can divide Jingzhou with Cao Cao in the south and north, and block Wang can's way out of Shu from Jingzhou.". In this way, we try our best to destroy gan Ning, Wang can from the waterway out of Shu road also blocked, this is the Wang can blocked in Shu. Therefore, Yu thought it was better to send troops northward, join forces to defeat Wang can, and divide Jingzhou with Cao Cao. After hearing this, Sun Ce immediately agreed with the final opinion. Sun Ce also folded his fists and said, "Dad, people all say that Wang can is invincible and invincible, and the people of Jiangdong have heard of Wang can's fame for a long time.". We will defeat Wang can in this battle and kill Wang can's spirit. Sun Chien said with a smile, "Gongjin is right. Let's go north to Xiangyang, besiege Wang can with Cao Cao, and then return to Jiangdong to get rid of Gan Ning.". However, in order to subdue Zhuge Liang, we also have to attack Wang can. Whether he succeeds or not, the king has avenged his first master. With this relationship, wouldn't it be a matter of course to subdue Zhuge Liang? They listened to the sun chien, don't know what to say. Sun chien's idea is really different. However, this can also see sun chien's attention to Zhuge Liang. The flowing water of the moat of Xiangyang City is mainly from the Tangbai River, which is the largest tributary of the Hanjiang River. It is formed by the confluence of the Tang River and the Bai River and is called the Tangbai River. The Tangbai River, which flows into the Han River near Xiangyang, is the main source of water for the moat. After Wang can took Xiangyang, it rained heavily for three days in a row, and it cleared up on the fourth day. Rao is so, also caused the river to rise sharply, the water of the moat also rose a lot. In the upper reaches of the Tangbai River, the river flows from a higher place to the lower reaches, but this place has built an embankment to block the flow of the river. On both sides of the embankment stood more than two hundred soldiers, all of whom looked serious. Zhuge Liang stood aside with a dignified look. He looked at a young man and asked, "Guan Ping, are the tributaries of the Tangbai River blocked?" Guan Ping is the eldest son of Guan Yu. At the beginning of the battle of Xiangyang, Liu Bei led his troops to kill Wang can in the city. Guan Ping also pleaded to go, but the gate tower needed to be guarded, so Liu Bei ordered Guan Ping to stay in the city. It was in this way that Guan Ping escaped the disaster and was not killed by Wang can. Not only that, Zhang Fei's children were not killed and escaped with Zhuge Liang. When Guan Ping heard Zhuge Liang's words,cosmetic tube, his eyes lit up and he folded his fists and said, "My military adviser, all the tributaries have been blocked." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com