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Valentine's Day is not a Chinese festival. Originally, Xu Zizai had no idea about it.

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Valentine's Day is not a Chinese festival. Originally, Xu Zizai had no idea about it. He just looked at the students around him and thought it was funny. He said to Ning Hao, "Shall we go to the Octagonal Amusement Park on Valentine's Day?" "Valentine's Day?" Ning Hao is not very clear about this festival, "when?" "This Saturday!" Xu looked at Ning Hao with a smile. I'm going to make up lessons for Ah Fang. She's going to take the TOEFL! Ning Hao said in embarrassment. You can tell her to make up lessons at another time. Xu Zizhi is a little unhappy, and she may always have a grudge against Ah Fang. How can that work? She was so pressed for time that she had other things to arrange. Ning Hao said. Oh Xu freely in the heart is not the taste, perhaps Ning Hao even her real girlfriend's work and rest time is not very clear, but knows Ah Fang's time arrangement. Why don't you go to the amusement park for another time? Ning Hao said apologetically. Seeing that he was embarrassed, she smiled and nodded. "Well, let's talk about it later." Xu Zizi didn't go home on Saturday and surfed the Internet alone in the dormitory. Everyone else has gone on a date. It is said that Huang Xia has been in a close relationship with so-and-so recently. She finally gave up Cheng Zizhi. Yan Bing left her a message on QQ, "Happy Valentine's Day!" There are no other words. She had to type two words back to the past: happy! Cheng Zizhi's QQ was on, and when he saw her coming, he asked, "Why didn't you go on a date with Ning Hao?" The whole world knows that today is Valentine's Day. He's busy! She replied to him. What about you? Why didn't you go on a date with a beautiful woman? "Yes, but they didn't agree, so they came back and lived by themselves." He put a sad symbol at the end. Xu freely thought about it,facial recognition thermometer, or asked, "the one you have a crush on?"? No results yet? "Yes!"! Too bad about my ninety-nine roses. 。” Cheng Zizhi said, "I'll send it to you later, so I don't have to look sad here!" "Thanks!" What is Ning Hao busy with? Not to go out with you for such a good opportunity? He asked. Lots of things. She gave him a smile. Are you still laughing when you are so sad? Not enough friends! He coaxed her, "let's go to Donglaishun to eat Instant Boiled Sliced Mutton at noon, when we comfort my sad person." "Can you eat meat when you are sad?" She laughed at him. This is transfer therapy! "I'm convinced!"! Let's gather at the gate of our school at noon. She called him back. She was sad,face recognition identification kiosk, too, but she couldn't express it. Sometimes, Xu Zizhi is really grateful to Cheng Zizhi, he can always appear at the right time, no trace of comfort her, so that she will not be sad alone. Sunny after the rain (Part Two) There is a reason for Ning Hao's silence. Last time he went back to Shenzhen, an uncle said he would sponsor him to study in Britain. My uncle did not know about the death of Ning Hao's father because his family emigrated to Britain with the help of his father in the early years. It was not until the last time he returned to Shenzhen that he knew that his cousin had died. At present, Ning Hao and his mother are living in difficulties. Come back to England to study with me, and I can take care of you! Uncle's attitude is sincere. Ning Hao's mother readily agreed, but Ning Hao hesitated. Uncle later asked several times, facial recognization camera ,digital whiteboard price, Ning Hao's mother urged Ning Hao to prepare early, "It's much better to go to England than at home, and with the help of your uncle, you will be able to stand out in the future." "But I, we are not very good now?" Ning Hao asked his mother. OK? We are now at the bottom of society. You see your mother now, work so tired, there is no guarantee, let us how to live in the future? "I can work after graduation, and then you won't have to be so tired." You graduated? Without a solid backstage, it's hard for you to get a good job! Ning Mu has a thorough understanding of this society. But, but. Ning Hao still doesn't want to go. What else is there? Don't you want to give up Xu Zizai? Mother Ning knows more or less about the relationship between her son and Xu Zizhi. "How many young people have a result in the end of their love?" "We are different!" Ning Hao wants to try his best to maintain his love. Haoer, listen to me. "Mother Ning sat down." If you can't get ahead in the future, you and Xu will never have a result, because their family can't accommodate you, understand? " Ning mother's tone is also helpless. "Mom!"! Can you let me think about it? Ning Hao shut himself in the room. Ning Hao is seldom so restless. Xu freely did not realize what was going to happen, but still enjoyed eating ice cream, "Vanilla flavor, you taste it, better than yours!" "I want to tell you something, very seriously." Ning Hao sat down solemnly. Hmm? She stopped. My mother and I are going to England next month. Ning Hao mustered up his courage to say it. What She thought she had misheard. There is an uncle over there who supports me to go to college there. Ning Hao was afraid that he would not have the strength to finish when he stopped, so he kept saying: "I didn't want to go, but for our future, I have to go!"! I will come back, I will come back to you as soon as I graduate, I hope you can wait for me! A mouthful of ice cream melted slowly in his mouth, but it was salty. Xu did not know whether to swallow it or spit it out? She lowered her head and did not look at Ning Hao because she was afraid that the tears in her eyes would overflow in front of him. Cheng Zizhi learned from Huang Xia that Xu Zizhi had not eaten, drunk or slept for two days. She laughed and cried when anyone talked to her in the dormitory. Cheng Zizhi almost flew over, Huang Xia put down the phone less than ten minutes to hear Cheng Zizhi knock on the door. What's the matter? Seeing her haggard appearance, he asked with heartache. She shook her head and did not speak. Did you quarrel with Ning Hao? He knew that she would only take things related to Ning Hao to heart, otherwise no one with great ability could let her do this. Don't ask, okay? When it comes to Ning Hao, Xu Zi's tears are falling down. Okay, okay! Don't ask. Cheng Zizhi could only wipe her tears with heartache. After a long time, Xu Zizai suddenly remembered something and said, "Cheng Zizhi,outdoor digital signage displays, did I promise to invite you to eat ice cream in the coldest winter?" Cheng Zizhi looked at her in surprise. Xu Zizhi put on his coat, "Go, today is the coldest time in winter!" 。

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