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Zhao Liangying finally put forward to Lin Yan to her home,

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Zhao Liangying finally put forward to Lin Yan to her home, now two people are legitimate teacher-student relationship, she will not think of other places, and Zhao Liangying is absolutely necessary to know some secrets hidden behind Lin Yan, to facilitate their own teaching, such as Lin Yan before doing incredible things, can also be prepared earlier, such as just the two hoodlums saw Lin Yan. Why are you so afraid? Could it be that Lin Yan is a triphibian, a student, an officer, and a gangster? Lin Yan's mysterious identity is so tempting that Zhao Liangying ignores the consequences of knowing the truth. Fine For Zhao Liangying's persistence, Lin Yan has nothing to say, he really has no secret to speak of. This time, Lin Yan did not dare to play a prank. Under the leadership of Zhao Liangying, he walked back to the back door of the Iron University and saw the old man Liang who was smoking outside the door. He said hello and left again. The ambiguous eyes of the latter made his hair stand on end. Lin Yan really admired the old man Liang's ability to be old and disrespectful. His heart was not old and he lived to be old. After walking for about ten minutes, I went down a slope and arrived at the teacher's apartment assigned to the teacher by the Iron University. Zhao Liangying's apartment is on the third floor. The light in the corridor is voice-controlled. She coughed. This time, without Lin Yan holding hands again, Zhao Liangying took out the key and opened the door. Zhao Liangying changed her shoes first,brushless gear motor, and then handed Lin Yan a pair of cartoon shoes embroidered with Garfield to Lin Yan. Lin Yan had no choice but to take off the brown leather shoes and change into childlike slippers. What to drink? Zhao Liangying asked naturally. Casual "Well, I happen to have a random coffee bean here. I'll make a cup of coffee for you." “” Lin Yan is a casual drink, but there is a kind of random brand of coffee beans, there is more than this pit, drink coffee at night, what is Zhao Liangying going to do? Zhao Liangying beckoned Lin Yan to sit on the sofa in the living room,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, and then went to the kitchen. Lin Yan looked at Zhao Liangying's boudoir. It was simple and plain, without any gorgeous decoration. There was only a box of paper and a laptop for office use on the table in the living room. There was not even a TV set. It seemed that Zhao Liangying put all her energy into her work and did not even have time for her own entertainment. Perhaps the coffee beans had already been ground, but in ten minutes, Zhao Liangying came out with two cups of steaming coffee. Zhao Liangying sat opposite Lin Yan and said, "Let's start." "Start what?" "I know you." "How do you know?" Zhao Liangying, "I ask and you answer." "All right, you start asking." Lin Yan lowered his head and looked at the hot air rising from the coffee. After a while, he still did not see Zhao Liangying asking. He looked up and saw her staring at him all the time. Why don't you ask? Zhao Liangying was embarrassed and said, "Sorry, I haven't decided what to ask yet." “” If Zhao Liangying is not his head teacher, Lin Yan must be anxious with her, this is not looking for someone to have fun, with this kung fu, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, Lin Yan might as well date with Chang'e's sister in his dream. How many identities do you have? Zhao Liangying finally thought of the problem, staring at Lin Yan with burning eyes, trying to see through Lin Yan will not lie. Lin Yan smiled bitterly, "As a student, or a student of Zhao Ban, as for the identity of the army, it is not easy to disclose." "How do you explain that the two hoodlums in the snack lane of Shangdong Street are respectful to you?" Zhao Liangying is aggressive. I've taught them a lesson before. I'm afraid of being beaten. You know I'm a soldier. It's not easy to deal with them. That's why I was so afraid when I met me again just now. "Is that true?" Lin Yan smiled bitterly. The woman's suspicion was so heavy that it did her no good. It only added to her troubles. "Teacher, this is not acting on the stage, nor is it a spy war. What identity can I have? Do I have to make up a story that I am a black man before you believe it?" Zhao Liangying nodded and said, "Yes, I believe it. You don't have to make it up. Just say it directly." Lin Yan "" "Zhao Ban, what I said is the truth." "Well, how old am I?" Zhao Liangying suddenly asked Lin Yan about her age. Lin Yan guessed, "How do I know? I'm not twenty-seven or twenty-eight, but I'm definitely over twenty-three or twenty-four.". ” "How old are you?" Zhao Liangying continued to ask. Lin Yan did not understand what Zhao Liangying meant, but he said directly, "Eighteen this year, a delicate flower." "You're eighteen and I'm twenty-five, aren't I?" "Yeah, what does that have to do with your question?" Lin Yan asked. Zhao Liangying took a sip of coffee and held her eyes. Suddenly, she pounded the table and said angrily, "Neither of us is a child. Who are you going to cheat with these words? Even a child of three or two years old won't believe your lies. Lin Yan, now you give me leniency in confession, severe in resistance, and strive for leniency. Your lame lies can't deceive me. Tell the truth." “” Lin Yan was surprised by Zhao Liangying's appearance. He didn't know what to say. No one believed the truth. People nodded their lies. Where is honesty these days? You don't say, do you? Zhao Liangying patted the table, as if to feel that this can give her a sense of dignity, at least the teachers on TV are so frightened students. Of course, if Lin Yan is frightened by this kind of pediatric situation, he is not Lin Yan, he stared at Zhao Liangying who did not know what crazy, half a day forgot to speak. In front of Lin Yan, even the two hoodlums in the snack lane were afraid of him. Even if Zhao Liangying wanted to learn the rough set on TV, they were deadlocked here, staring at each other with big eyes and small eyes. About thirty seconds later, Zhao Liangying couldn't stand Lin Yan's innocent eyes. She retreated and rubbed her eyebrows with both hands. I don't think it's necessary to continue the questioning. It's very late now, and it's even later for you to go back. If you really want to climb the fence, you will be caught. Not only will I lose face for you, but also the face of Material Class 2 will be lost by you. You sleep on the sofa in the living room tonight, and I'll take a shower first. There will be classes tomorrow morning,Brushless Gear Motor, so I won't ask you any more questions. Zhao Liangying went back to the bedroom to get her pajamas, and she had no way to get Lin Yan. Zhao Ban, really don't ask? Lin Yan asked loudly.

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